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A stamp, is based on the painting by Courbet called "Origin of the World" which I used as an image for a Norwegian stamp, and which caused me a great deal of trouble. The Norwegians objected to it when it was discovered in their mail stream, contacted Postal authorities in Washington who in turn contacted Inspectors in Chicago, who came to my studio and questioned me for an hour. I was given a cease and desist order to sign and return to the Postal Inspectors. I never did sign it, but blew it up to poster size and hung it at my subsequent show at the Morlen Sinoway Atelier. I never did receive one cancelled.

Michael Thompson Chicago artist, artistamps, fake stamps. artistamps, Courbet stamp, Origin of the World painting, Courbet
Norwegian Stamps (un-mailed envelope)
Ink-jet print and envelope
4.24" x 5.25"